Be Efficient


Top tips for running effective meetings

1. Circulate an agenda in advance

2. Appoint a note-taker to write down (and circulate afterwards) next steps and key decisions taken in the meeting

3. At the start of the meeting ask all the participants what they expect to get out of the meeting

4. At the end of the meeting summarise all the next steps, and ask all the participants how they found the meeting

5. For big or important meetings, consider using an external facilitator (such as one from the Efficiency Coach) to keep the meeting running to the agenda and on-time - and allow you to concentrate on the content of what is being said

6. For regular meetings rotate meeting roles, such as the chair of the meeting & note-taker

7. If an issue is side-tracking the meeting, agree to 'park' the issue until a more suitable time

8. Remember to book a room and audio-visual equipment needed such as a light projector


Efficiency Acts

Knowledge without Integrity is dangerous and dreadful.

Samuel Johnson

Efficiency Tactics

Research shows that the average person spend 40 minutes reviewing emails before starting "work". Next time you "CC" someone, ask: do they really need it? 

Efficiency Pacts

Tell us what you're doing and we'll hold you to it....