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What are the benefits of coaching?

More and more research is being carried out into the effectiveness of coaching as a development strategy for people and business. The evidence is convincing.

The Manchester Review (2001- Volume 6) claims that the return on investment (ROI) from coaching senior executives can be at least 5.7 times the original outlay. And, in a recent study by the International Coach Federation, quoted by the CIPD, individuals reported a range of benefits from those who use coaches in the world of work:

  • Increased self awareness 68%
  • Improved quality of life 43%
  • Better goal setting 62%
  • Enhanced communication skills 40%
  • More balanced life 61%
  • Lower stress levels 57%
  • Enhanced self discovery 53%
  • Increased confidence 52%

What areas will coaches from the Efficiency Coach normally work on?

Our coaches will normally focus on improving professional effectiveness, tailoring their approach to what the client requires. Areas where our coaches have worked include:

  • Upgrading leadership
  • improving motivation
  • unleashing creativity
  • managing time and work-life balance
  • career transition & outplacement
  • creating confident people managers
  • professional development
  • improving communication
  • raising confidence
  • better team working

Do you provide face-to-face or telephone coaching?

We are happy to undertake coaching sessions via the telephone or face-to-face


How long does a normal coaching relationship last?

We have found by experience that coachees normally need to invest in a coaching relationship of 3-6 months in length to achieve sustainable personal change. Indeed, Dr Stephen Covey (author of 7 Effective Habits) identified that it takes 90 days for a habit to stick.


Do you work with both private individuals and corporate clients?

We are happy to work with both private individuals and corporate clients.

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