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“The Efficiency Coach helps a senior manager increase her team’s productivity”


The Efficiency Coach was asked to work with a senior manager of a small firm to help her achieve more for her time and effort by improving her people management skills to obtain increased performance from her team. 


After the six month coaching relationship, even though the coachee lost one member of her team half way through the coaching assignment due to redundancy, she was able to increase her team’s output with the same quality of service that her organisation expected from her and her team.

Efficiency Acts

Never confuse movement with action.

Ernest Hemingway 

(1899 - 1961)

Efficiency Tactics

Research shows that the average person spend 40 minutes reviewing emails before starting "work". Next time you "CC" someone, ask: do they really need it? 

Efficiency Pacts

Tell us what you're doing and we'll hold you to it....