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Nobody likes getting dumped ... ...

Even worse, getting dumped out of a job in a recession.

Our coaches, who all have personal experience of being made redundant, help professionals and executives get their career back on track and find a job fast.

You spend one third of your adult life at work - so don't you deserve to have job satisfaction? So, choose to get your career back on track!

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is our way of helping you achieve more in your career. It is a highly tailored one to one coaching programme that helps individuals identify what they want from their career, and then get them quickly back on track with their career.

Our career coaches will work with you to:

  • Design specific short, medium & long term career goals
  • Develop a job search strategy
  • Implement your job search strategy, one step at a time
  • Keep you accountable to your career goals 
  • Support and encourage you to succeed, particularly through the tough times

Our career coaching programme includes:

  • A free CV review service
  • Invaluable interview preparation and practice
Efficiency Acts

Don't reinvent the wheel just realign it

Anthony D'Angelo

Efficiency Tactics

80% of all job vacancies are never formally advertised.Where are you looking for your next job?

Efficiency Pacts

Tell us what you're doing and we'll hold you to it....

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