Be Efficient


It's a zero sum game ... ...


The Efficiency Coach increases productivity by 10% and cuts staff turnover to zero”


The Efficiency Coach was asked to help a finance department increase productivity. 


The department was rebuilding after losing over half of its staff after an office relocation. The department's director identified that he would achieve a 10% increase in departmental productivity within 12-18 months of starting the work. 


The Efficiency Coach advised the director  how to restructure the department and the areas, which if focused on, would enable him to achieve more for their time, money and effort.  The Efficiency Coach ran workshops with the department’s leadership and operations team and supported the financial controller through the time of change with 1:2:1 coaching.


Efficiency Acts

My strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

Efficiency Tactics

Research shows that the average person spend 40 minutes reviewing emails before starting "work". Next time you "CC" someone, ask: do they really need it? 

Efficiency Pacts

Tell us what you're doing and we'll hold you to it....